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Playboy's New Host and Bar Book

Thomas Mario | Playboy Press

SKU: 426-PLA

“For those who are being introduced to the fine art of hosting, endless avenues anre opened by the fact that our own country now distills some of the best spirits and makes some of the best wines in the world. The United States is also the world's largest clearinghouse for wines and spirits shipped from almost every corner of the earth. Any man, for instance, contemplating whiskeys for his bar can choose for better or worse among no less than 500 different brands, not to mention the hundreds of gins, rums, vodkas, schnapps, brandies, and liqueurs of such kaleidoscopic variety of strengths, flavors, ages, and colors as to boggle eyes, nose, and taste buds. A newcomer to wines, faced with the 10,000 wine labels now being sold in this country, could be excused for being unable to see the cellar for the vins.

Obviously, in all this surging maze, a roadbook is important. But in stocking your cellar or liquor cabinet, you hardly need one of those encyclopedic tomes describing in harrowing detail the chemistry of distillation and the world's vineyards and vintages. What is helpful is a down-to-earth guide that tells hosts how wines and spirits are used: when age in a wine or liquor is important and when it is not; how to store and pour; what drinking vessels to use; how drinks should be chilled, mixed, stirred, shaken, frappéed, garnished, blended in a pitcher, or brewed in a bowl.

The author hopes the present volume will be useful for these needs and other party purposes, for blowing away the haze of formality, for the subtle chemistry of good fellowship.”

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