Give + Sell

Thank you for your interest in giving or selling to Spoons Kitchen Exchange! Your support makes it possible for us to make high-quality kitchenware affordable for everyone.

We currently work with people, companies, and organizations in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

How it works

It starts with checking out our list of accepted items, and then compiling a description and pictures of what you've got.

If we're able to accept your items, you'll then set up an appointment to drop off your items with us, or we’ll pick up your stuff for free. It’s like the thrift store comes to your door!

If you’re ready to trade in your kitchen wares, fill out our Give + Sell form to get started.

Once you submit your form, we'll get back to you that day before 5pm with an estimated resale value and confirm our pickup availability. Forms submitted after 5pm will be responded to the next business day.


Your stuff has value, why not get compensated for it? We provide a one-time cash payment for accepted items, and do not offer consignment or pawn listings, or store credit.


Need to get rid of old items fast, and don't have time to stop by the thrift store? This is a great option if you’re looking for the most convenient way to get rid of your old kitchen wares.

Keep in mind that we are not a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so these items do NOT qualify as a tax-deductible donation. We do offer store gift cards depending on the value of your haul.

Product Condition

As part of our environmental stewardship policy, we find creative uses for anything that does not sell to ensure that nothing ends up in the landfill. We are thus very selective about what goods we receive in order to minimize excess inventory.

Spoons only accepts clean and functional items and does not carry products that are purely decorative or are not in working condition.

  • Like-New: No signs of use with all original pieces, and has original packaging if possible.
  • Excellent: Minimal signs of wear, limited to surface-level such as light scratches, fading, or fraying.
  • Good: Has more visible surface wear such as small chips or deeper scratches.
  • Poor: Is broken to the point of not working and/or has significant visible wear. We do not list items in poor condition for sale but might take them on a case-by-case donation basis.
Era and Edition
  • New: 0-20 years old
  • Vintage: 20-99 years old
  • Antique: 100+ years old
  • Rare: Item that is hard to find due to being a limited edition, no longer in production, etc. Can be of any era.

Plastics Policy

From contamination of our waterways to our bloodstreams, the environmental and health impacts of plastic manufacturing is indisputable. Adults in the US on average eat a CREDIT CARD SIZE amount (5g) of microplastics every week! Here at Spoons we say eat the rich, not your money!!!!

With this in mind, Spoons Kitchen Exchange is cautious to accept any items that contain plastic. We want to minimize the amount of plastic that’s in the products we source, but also strive to keep materials in use and out of the landfill for as long as possible.

If an item is usually available in a plastic-free materials, then we seek those out first. If we accept plastic, we only carry high-quality pieces and generally avoid anything that comes into direct contact with heat or abrasion.

When you are ready to trade in your kitchen wares, check out the list of acceptable items and fill out the Give and Sell form. You can also contact us directly if you need help getting started.