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Why should I buy kitchenware from Spoons Kitchen Exchange?

Who wouldn’t want to stock their pantry with high-quality, durable, and unique kitchenware at low prices?

While we love to spend a Saturday combing through thrift stores or eBay, it’s not an efficient way to get affordable used kitchenware. Spoons does the hard work for you by finding high-quality brands in good to like-new condition. We also clean and test every product before it’s available for sale.

How does Spoons price its items?

We offer a full price range of goods, from affordable to high-end, and fully research the value of every item for sale. We take many factors into consideration including but not limited to: condition, materials, brand, era, utility, and rarity.

What is your shipping and delivery policy?

We provide a range of shipping and delivery options for our customers. See our full shipping and delivery policy here: Shipping, Pickup, and Delivery Policy

What is your return policy?

See our return policy here: Returns and Exchanges Policy

Can Spoons Kitchen Exchange take or purchase my unwanted kitchenware?

YES! When you choose to give, you help us offer affordable kitchenware for home cooks. It's an easy option for getting rid of items you no longer need. Please keep in mind that we are NOT a 501(c)3, so it is not a tax-deductible donation.

If you want to sell to us, we will honor the value of your items and give you a fair price.

We work with individuals, companies, estate sale organizers, nonprofits, and more.

See our full giving and selling policy here: Give + Sell