500 Recipes By Request from Mother Anderson's Famous Dutch Kitchens

Jeanne M. Hall and Belle Anderson Ebner | Bramhall House

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“Famous throughout the Midwest, Mother Anderson's dishes-three generations good— are still served to hoards of hungry guests who throng the Anderson Hotel and beg for the recipes. When writing them became a stupendous task, especially on busy Sundays, the family decided to prepare a cookbook with all the oft-requested favorites.

Here they are, more than 500 of them-succulent, rich, homey, and satisfying—in the generous beef-pork-chicken-butter-and-cream traditions of the finest American cookery. In 13 chapters which emphasize particularly the breads, meats, and desserts that good eaters love, you will find such wonderful things as Amsterdam Cheese Bread, Orange Bread, Squash Rolls, Orange Coffee Cake; Luxury Sirloin Steak, Pennsylvania Dutch Ham Pot-pie, Stewed Chicken and Southern Dumplings, Veal Chops Baked in Cream, Roast Turkey with Pecan Dressing; the Best Pineapple Dessert in the World, Dutch Apple Dumplings Supreme, Double Chocolate Marshmallow Cake, Mile-High Sponge Cake, Chocolate Chiffon Pie, and fascinating cookies from Mother's Square Pan to Little Sweet Bites.

There are also wonderful beverages, soups, vegetables, and salads, (especially slaws), confections—Mrs. Ebner studied candy making at the Fanny Farmer School of Cookery—sauces, and such delectable oddments as Harlequin Pears, Spiced Red Apple Rings, and Peaches Poached in Cream.

Here is no reducer's manual but marvelous and hearty food for all who share Mother Anderson's conviction-hers was a Pennsylvania Dutch heritage that good eating is part of good living.”

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