Caribbean Cooking & Menus

Elsa Miller | Kingston Publishers Limited

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Book description:

This is a lighthearted cookbook devoted to people who delight in tasty and nutritious food. The special sections on Barbecues and Menus will be a helpful aid to those who enjoy entertaining. The index also makes the book a useful reference for those interested in serious cuisine.

The recipes in the book reflect to a large extent the cultural heritage of the people in the Caribbean: thus you will find recipes that reflect the Indian, African, European and both North and Latin American aspects of its culinary character. But each of the dishes has been adapted to make use of the food we grow, such as ackee, plantain, coconut, paw-paw, mango, cassava and many others, which are considered exotic in other parts of the world.

For our foreign visitors who wish to prepare at home some of the dishes they may have tasted in restaurants or hotels, this book will be a handy guide.

In many cases they will be able to find the ingredients they need in their local markets or West Indian communities.

For those who live here, may this book encourage a new and happy familiarity with the foods we grow.”

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