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Last Dinner on the Titanic: Menus and Recipes from the Great Liner (First Edition)

Rick Archold and Dana McCauley | Madison Press

SKU: 467-LAS

WITH ORIGINAL MENUS, AUTHENTIC RECIPES, AND SPLENDID illustrations, this book accurately re-creates what it was like to dine on the most famous of all ships. The atmosphere of each of the lost liner's dining rooms is conveyed through a fascinating text complemented by hundreds of photographs and paintings. Over fifty dishes featured on the Titanic's menus have been researched from period sources and carefully tested for modern kitchens.

Suggestions for setting the mood, decorating the table, and presenting each dish all assist in evoking the elegance and style of the legendary liner.”

Condition + Era

Like New - No signs of use with all original pieces, and has original packaging if possible.