Gourmet Table Service - A Professional Guide

Paul O. Huebener | Ahrens Publishing Company, Inc.

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When the menu offers Continental cuisine, guests expect the gracious service that will allow them to relax and enjoy the fine foods and wines to the utmost. This book, the first complete guide to the luxury table designed specifically for waiters and waitresses, contains all the profes. sional instruction needed to perform this specialized service expertly and efficiently.

Author Paul O. Huebener's extensive experience as maitre d'hotel, waiter, and teacher of waiters is reflected throughout in the book's stress of skill and craftsmanship rather than empty showmanship. The first two chapters provide essential background in the finer points of the waiter's art. The raw materials of the chef are reviewed next to provide the sound knowledge of the fundamentals of food preparation that brings serving finesse.

To show how various dishes combine to make a balanced and pleasant repast, the book fully describes each phase of the menu - appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. There are individual, detailed chapters on hors d'oeuvres, salads, soups, fish, meat and poultry, vegetabies, desserts, chafing dish and other complex servings.

A large number of illustrations show how to handle and serve each dish properly, along with correct methods of boning, carving, and preparing flambé dishes. The author carefully limits these illustrations to include only the materials necessary when preparing food in the sight of the guest, again stressing skill above ornamentation.

Because wines and beverages are so much a part of the Continental dining tradition, the book includes a lengthy chapter on wines, brandies and cordials followed by another covering spirits, mixed drinks and punches. A handy dictionary of gastronomical terms rounds out this authoritative guide.


A PROFESSIONAL GUIDE offers the present waiter or waitress the opportunity to develop greater knowledge and skill. Besides serving as a reference wherever fine foods are served, this book will also prove to be an excellent text for training young people in this rewarding occupation.“

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