The Professional's Art of Garde Manger

Frederic H. Sonnenschmidt and Jean F. Nicholas | Cahners Books

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“Garde manger is one of the most challenging and exciting expressions of the chef's art, and a steadily growing popularity assures its prominent place in the modern foodservice industry. The buffet artist must combine an imaginative and appealing visual presentation with the skillful food preparation needed to fulfill the promise of the tempting display.

This book reveals secrets and techniques of two master chefs for all phases of cold food preparation, with how-to-do-it photographs demonstrating methods and full color and other photos depicting finished products.

The authors have adapted classical methods of preparing, decorating, arranging and displaying cold foods to the demands of modern foodservice operations. By giving underlying principles and tricks of the trade, they help the beginning chef as well as the experienced culinarian with time, money and labor saving techniques, as well as information on how to tailor garde manger specialties to match menu requirements in foodservice operations of every size and style.

This book also describes equipment essential to a garde manger department, suggested area layouts, refrigeration and cooking units, and hand tools and utensils. Important questions on proper storage, sanitation, and reusing foods are discussed in depth.

Since garde manger highlights such showcase items as canapes, hors d'oeuvres, salads and galantines, particular attention is given to a working knowledge of the ingredients essential to these cold food presentations. There is also a section on both edible and non-edible dis-plays, including some unique displays of natural-looking flowers carved from fruits and vegetables.”

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