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The American Heritage Cookbook and Illustrated History of American Eating & Drinking

The Editors of American Heritage | Simon & Schuster

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"’The destiny of nations depends on how they nourish themselves,’ wrote that unparalleled authority on nourishment, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

He had a point. And yet, throughout America's sprawling, flamboyant, burgeoning childhood and adolescence, no one ever assembled in one place an illustrated record of the foods and drinks that have nourished our national growth, nor explained how they hap-, pened to become part of our rich American culinary heritage.

THE AMERICAN HERITAGE COOKBOOK and Illustrated History of American Eating & Drinking views our past in terms of the foods our forefathers ate and the drinks they drank. The result is a history and cookbook that go together like salt and pepper.


Here, among more than 500 tested recipes you will find such all-American dishes as Indian pudding and succotash, apple pie and Kentucky burgoo. You will also find a wide variety of once-foreign flavors, contributed by immigrants from many lands-beefsteak and kidney pie, Swedish meatballs, veal grillades Louisiana, panettone, crème brûlée. Ours is not a "cuisine" such as homogeneous nations boast, but a rich potpourri of dishes and drinks that have evolved from the native bounty of this country and the cultures of a dozen others.

The recipes were tested and adapted for use in modern kitchens by Helen McCully Associates, food consultants.

Mrs. Helen Duprey Bullock, food historian and author of The Williamsburg Art of Cookery, re-created thirty historical menus and acted as consultant for the book.


The Illustrated History part of the book consists of 384 pages divided into nine large portions (see back of jacket for synopses). Each contains:

an informative, 5,000-word exploration of an important aspect of American eating and drinking customs and tastes; 

a profile on a man or woman who helped to mold, or in some way to re-flect, our various preferences in food and drink; 
a generous collection of pictures highlighting the period.

The historical essays were written by Cleveland Amory, chronicler of American society; Lucius Beebe, bon vivant and journalist; Gerald Carson, histo-rian, author of several books about food and drink; Paul Engle, poet, scholar, historian; Marshall Fishwick, historian, expert on the American South; Evan Jones, authority on the early West; Leonard Louis Levinson, cookbook author, screen, radio and TV writer; Russell Lynes, social historian, managing editor of Harper's Maga-zine; Archie Robertson, editor and historical writer; George F. Willison, authority on the Pilgrims.“

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