French Cooking for Everyone

Alfred Guérot | Golden Press, Inc.

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French Cooking for Everyone This handsome new cook book from France has been translated and adapted expressly for the American cook. Here are more than 700 delicious, authentically French recipes that cover the entire spectrum of French cuisine-from simple, hearty dishes to ele-gant, gourmet masterpieces, from well-known favorites (such as beef à la mode and coq au vin) to piquant new delights with which to insure the success of company dinners (examples: noisettes of veal chasseur, chicken sauté forestière, artichokes à la barigoule). Here is a store of fresh ideas for the homemaker in search of interesting new menus, and for the host or hostess who wishes to regale guests with a truly memorable dinner.

Included are hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes for meat, fish, and poultry entrées; zestful sauces that add distinction to the most modest dish; canapés and hors-d'oeuvres; salads; egg dishes; soups and broths. Here are exciting new ways to prepare vegetables, and the secrets of making perfect salad dressings. The dessert see-tion, which is alone worth the price of admission, includes mousses, pastries, creams, meringues, flans, and fruits. All recipes are set forth with exact, step-by-step instructions, and with standard U.S. meas-urements.

French Cooking for Everyone is beautifully illustrated with 32 pages of full-color photographs that give an appetizing preview of the dining pleasures ahead. Alto-gether, it is a volume of exceptional beauty and interest-a joy to own, to give, and above all, to use.”

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