The Orange County Farmers Museum Favorite Family Recipes

| The Orange County Farmers Museum

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This community cookbook contains recipes, kitchen guides, and local advertisements that give the viewer a slice of upstate New York history.

The Orange County Farmer's Museum is a not-for-profit volunteer establishment, dedicated to the preservation of Orange County's agricultural history and is a tribute to the Orange County farmer and farm family. It is located on the grounds surrounding the stately Brick House Museum on the corner of New York State Route 17K and Berea Road, 3 miles east of Montgemery, New York.

Its mission is two-fold. First, it will collect, preserve, exhibit and demonstrate farm machinery and tools of all of Orange County's several types of agriculture, including dairy farming, fruit and vegetable farming. The scope of this museum will date back to colonial times and up through the mid-twentieth century. It will restore the existing buildings on the grounds and build additional buildings and barns to house these artifacts.

It will also preserve the open space of these grounds as fields to raise crops and demonstrate farming methods of Orange County's past.

Secondly, the museum's mission will also be to stand as a memorial to Orange County's farm families of the past and as a tribute to their vast contribution to Orange County's rich heritage.

In the months and years to come, the Orange County Farm Museum will be presenting regularly scheduled events. Among them will be living history demonstrations of all seasons of farm life. Fields will be plowed, tilled and planted in the spring.

Crops will be harvested throughout the summer and fall. Ice will be harvested in the winter. Festivals will be held throughout the year to celebrate with the public each farm season.

It will be a museum of which to enjoy and from which to learn.”

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