The Best of France: A Cookbook

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Of all the world's cuisines, none endures so well as that of the French. From the boulevards of Paris to the farmhouse kitchens of Provence, these classic foods bring elegance and sophistication to tables around the world.

With THE BEST OF FRANCE, food editor Evie Righter has carefully assembled the very finest examples of French culinary techniques in a single, memorable volume. From haute and novelle cuisine to country and bistro fare, she shares the recipes and the secrets of France's chefs de cuisine in a fresh and accessible style that assures perfect results every time.

Here are the simple yet fundamental beef, chicken, and fish stocks used every day of the year; the familiar favorites like Onion Soup, Cheese Soufflé, and Ratatouille; distinguished classics including Rack of Lamb and Crème Brulée; even the healthful new preparations such as Fish in Parchment Paper, Grilled Vegetables, and Fruit Sorbet. Each is the best of its kind.

Color photographs throughout feature both the dishes themselves and the unforgettable French settings from which they emerge. An essential reference for any cook, THE BEST OF FRANCE helps turn an ordinary meal into an event.

An editor at GOURMET Magazine for over 10 years, Evie Righter wrote the text to GOURMET'S MENUS FOR CONTEMPORARY LIVING.

She has worked on books by many of the greatest talents in the world of food, including Alice Waters, Ann Willan, Michél Guérard, and Wolfgang Puck.“

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