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Pillsbury's Bake Off Breads Cook Book

| The Pillsbury Company

SKU: 433-PIL

“Dear Homemaker,

Creatively speaking, bread is the most rewarding kind of food a woman can prepare. Something magic happens to dough in the oven that creates a great satisfaction. You'll feel the warm appreciation from your family and guests for offering them the homey goodness of breads, rolls or snacks you baked yourself.

In this book, we have selected the best of the breads and snacks from eighteen years of Pillsbury Bake Ofts, and brought them up to date using today's easy methods of bread preparation and convenient prepared foods. You'll find all the yeast bread recipes use the easy no-dissolve method of preparation, where the yeast is mixed directly with the flour.

The hundred and eighty-seven recipes in this book range from aromatic yeast breads and quick breads to sensational snacks. Each recipe is described and given a "start-to-finish" time, but remember, only about a quarter of the given time is spent in actual preparation.

We hope these recipes encourage you to become one of those esteemed homemakers about whom it is whispered, "She bakes her own breads!"

Cordially yours,

Ann Pillsbury”

Condition + Era

Excellent - Minimal signs of wear, limited to surface-level such as light scratches, fading, or fraying.