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Ice Carving Made Easy

Joseph Amendola | National Restaurant Association

SKU: 424-ICE


An attractive ice carving frequently has offered that "added touch" which has provided a mark of distinction to a party. Because of their great eye-appeal, beautiful ice carvings have given one caterer an advantage over another.

Yet the art of ice carving is not widely known. It has taken long years of experience to bring together the information in the pages of this book.

For more than twenty years, author Joseph Amendola has been creating ice carvings for displays at leading hotel and restaurant functions, trade shows and on television.

He has trained several hundred men and women from all over the world, and these students now carry forth the art of ice carving in the finest hotels and restaurants.

This book breaks through the many barriers and mysteries prompted by trade jealousies. It shows, step by step, easy ways to carve ice with simple, inexpensive tools.

It provides diagrams, drawn to scale, from which a student can make his own templates. An excellent assortment of finished pieces is portrayed by means of beautiful photographs-each large enough to show details clearly.

We believe that such a book is a timely volume for the foodservice industry.”

Condition + Era

Good - Has more visible surface wear such as small chips or deeper scratches.